From complete stormwater management to individual solutions, R+R is a proven partner for helping businesses and properties protect their post-construction stormwater investments — and protect the environment.

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Stormwater Management
Comprehensive services — both preventative and responsive — for SCM or Best Management Practices (BMP)
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Expert assessments for pre-occupancy, pre-Notice of Termination (NOT), or annual inspection needs
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Stormwater Maintenance
Routine and proactive preventative maintenance that ensures optimal stormwater system performance
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Stormwater Repairs
Restoration and rehabilitation to correct stormwater system failures and return systems to proper functional states according to design
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Industry expertise and guidance for rules and regulations, compliance reporting, Notices to Correct, Notices of Violation (NOV), and more
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Stormwater Credits
Consultation for stormwater credit qualifications, applications, and renewals
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Emergency Response
Immediate response for emergency services to prevent further damage to SCMs and the environment
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