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    Engineering Services

    Stormwater engineering requires a specific set of expertise to properly address stormwater run-off, potential water quality and quantity issues, and the complexity of regulatory compliance on the local, state, and federal level. Our in-house engineering team at AQUALIS helps property owners or managers conduct annual assessments, design development of retrofits, rehabilitate existing stormwater assets, and assess post-construction maintenance programs. Our engineering team remains focused on emerging regulatory measures, providing innovative design solutions that reduce budget costs and increase system efficiency, and researching developing technology that assists our clients in monitoring the health of their stormwater investment. Our stormwater-centric approach and long history of stormwater maintenance allow for a deeper understanding of stormwater systems’ engineering requirements in the short and long term.

    Comprehensive Stormwater Engineering Services

    Stormwater Engineering Services:

    • Retrofit of Low Impact Developments (LIDs) and Green Infrastructure (GI)
    • Stormwater Management Plans
    • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) / Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs)
    • Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems(MS4) Stormwater Compliance
    • Stormwater Systems and SCM Operation and Maintenance Plans
    • Slope and Site Stabilization Planning and Design
    • Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Engineering Approvals and Permitting
    • Hydrologic & Hydraulics Analysis
    • Regulatory Permit Consulting

    Stormwater Rehabilitation

    Stormwater rehabilitation is necessary if a stormwater system requires corrections to reach intended performance due to preventable causes, such as irregular inspection and maintenance or accidents, defects, and age. Regardless of the cause of the damage, the property owner is responsible for restoring the system to its intended capability. It is crucial to consult with stormwater specialists and engineers who understand the regulation requirements and the workings of stormwater systems to ensure damages are repaired swiftly and within compliance to maximize function and reduce environmental impacts.

    AQUALIS’ licensed engineers can assist in various rehabilitation requirements, large or small, above or below ground. Stormwater rehabilitation solutions require specialized equipment, licensed personnel, and stormwater expertise to complete the rehabilitation.

    Learn more here about common stormwater failures that require rehabilitation.

    Stormwater Retrofit

    As MS4 stormwater permits and other stormwater requirements become more rigorous, stormwater retrofits become an essential aspect in stormwater management. Older systems may not have water quality enhancement features, while others may not have systems as efficient or effective to meet new compliance standards. Stormwater retrofits allow for functional aspects to be added to stormwater systems without complete reengineering or property restoration. Each treatment option offers different benefits for water quality, hydrologic cycle, and general retrofit appropriateness. Consult with AQUALIS stormwater professionals to determine the best stormwater retrofit for your site’s needs.

    AQUALIS’ certified stormwater engineers work with property owners and regulators to implement stormwater best management practices and improve water quality. From design to implementation, our team’s current knowledge of compliance requirements, stormwater expertise, and engineering experience allow AQUALIS to implement the best solutions for your stormwater needs.

    Our engineers provide analysis of site conditions utilizing Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS) to accurately design systems that meet quantity and quality loads. This data includes detailed information on rainfall data, geographic conditions, and assessment of on-site stormwater assets to mitigate the risk of flooding, increase the stormwater system’s life, and reduce the need for costly repairs. By partnering with a stormwater management organization that includes engineering support, you can rely on our team’s expert knowledge to protect your property and ensure your environmental stewardship.

    Learn more about our engineering capabilities or request a consultation.

    Learn more about our engineering capabilities or request a consultation.

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