About Us

As an increasing amount of commercial and industrial development covers the planet, unmanaged stormwater runoff has become the number one cause of surface water pollution in the world. R+R is helping property owners and managers make the world a better place.

Our Experience

R+R is THE Stormwater Management Company. We are a nationwide leading provider of post-construction stormwater management services to retail, commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental industries through stormwater consulting, inspection, maintenance and repair services.

R+R was founded in 2001 with one mission, which is to inspire change by preserving and protecting our most precious natural resource: water.

For nearly 20 years, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We are 100% committed to stormwater management. This dedication has proven successful — resulting in our perfect record of zero violations and zero fines — and it’s helped us build partnerships with a wide range of clients and regulators in a variety of regions and industries, including Albertsons, Target, and Lowe’s.

R+R operates throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and performs nearly 20,000 maintenance and inspection visits every year, as well as thousands of repairs to keep our clients’ properties safe and compliant. R+R is an AQUALIS Company.


  • Commercial Aquatic Pesticide Applicator
  • Commercial Turf Applicator
  • Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance Certification
  • Qualified Florida Construction Stormwater Inspector
  • Professional Engineer
  • FAA Certified Remote Pilot and Commercial Operator

Our Values

We are a team of enthusiastic and educated environmentalists dedicated to helping our customers understand complicated stormwater management laws, avoid expensive violations, and ensure the safety of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

The R+R Difference

Focused and Comprehensive

Stormwater management is all that we do, and we do everything within post-construction stormwater management.

Raving Fan Service

We want our customers to be “Raving Fans” of how we deliver stormwater management services, by holding us to the highest standards and partnering with us to creating the best stormwater programs possible.

Unconditional Service Guarantee

If our clients are unhappy with our service delivery for any reason, we don’t charge for that service.

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