Nationwide Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Governmental Post-Construction Stormwater Management

Water Quality Excellence Through Superior Stormwater Management

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Stormwater Compliance is Not Optional

Regulatory Requirements

The US EPA Clean Water Act requires developed sites of one acre or more to have a stormwater management plan, entailing annual inspections and regular maintenance at a minimum. Many states and municipalities require even more extensive programs.

Environmental Responsibility

Unmanaged stormwater runoff is the leading cause of surface water pollution. Organizations have an environmental responsibility to be good stewards of their stormwater discharges, and furthermore, “Green” is great for business. 

Hire the leader in stormwater management

Don’t learn on the job. Stormwater rules and regulations are strict and confusing, and fines can be expensive. Partner with the only company that can provide all solutions for stormwater management. 

Restoration & Recovery is a full-service company providing all five areas of post-construction stormwater management.


Detailed program reviews addressing required annual inspection and pre-occupancy assessments


Regularly scheduled maintenance on above-ground and below-ground stormwater systems and BMPs (e.g. storm pipes, catch basins, underground vaults, aboveground retention ponds)


From a simple grate replacement to a complete stormwater system reconstruction, returning the stormwater facility/ BMP back to the design parameters


Immediate response to any event (e.g. a fuel spill) that is threatening your stormwater system — including clean up, material disposal, and all required regulatory reporting 


Ensuring that our clients receive the greatest value possible from their investments in protecting water quality; including post-construction BMP design, fee reductions from local municipalities, and responses to regulatory requests

The R&R Difference

Restoration & Recovery is the leader in stormwater management because of how we manage our programs. We call this the R&R Difference. 

Focused and Comprehensive

Stormwater managemet is ALL that we do —Focused. And we do everything within stormwater management — Comprehensive

Raving Fan Service

We believe that a “Satisfied Customer” is not good enough. Rather, we want our customers to be "Raving Fans" of how we deliver stormwater management services. We say this not to brag, but to ask that our customers hold us to the highest standards, and partner with us in creating the best stormwater programs possible.

The Stormwater Circle

We believe that success comes from simultaneously serving the three parts of the stormwater circle:

For Our Clients,
delivering Raving Fan Service at the most affordable pricing.

For the Environment,
promoting and protecting environmental quality in every single action.

For Our Team Members,
performing our work focusing on quality, productivity, efficiency, safety and timeliness.

Unconditional Service Guarantee

If our clients are unhappy with our service delivery for any reason, there is no charge for that service. 


For program management (Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs, and Consulting), we serve the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

For Emergency Response, we serve the Eastern United States, Pacific Northwest and Puerto Rico.


Our experience, approach, scope of services and geography enable us to provide the highest level of stormwater management services for any size entity, from individual property owners and businesses to large, national and multi-state organizations. 

  • National retailers
  • Logistics Providers
  • Engineering Firms
  • Hospitals
  • Military Facilities
  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • Distribution Centers
  •  Industrial Facilities
  •  Municipal Organizations
  • Airports
  • Universities
  • Individual/Commercial Property  Owners

Founded in 2001 with a proven track record (zero problems, zero NOV’s, zero fines.)